Download PDF by Michael J. Leboffe, Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala: A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology

By Michael J. Leboffe, Gary D. Wisehart, Erin C. Rempala

ISBN-10: 0895827859

ISBN-13: 9780895827852

This booklet is a full-color complement that offers photos of preserved specimens and pictures taken at numerous aquaria to supply assurance of organisms within the world's oceans. it's designed to accompany any marine biology textual content or laboratory handbook.

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Compare the relative positions of the individual cells. (M) The entire Bacillaria colony can extend so that cells remain attached by only the smallest overlap. This is the same colony as in (k) and (l). m Chapter 4 Simple Eukaryotic, Planktonic, and Benthic Autotrophs 39 MITOSIS New cell Epitheca Asexual reproduction Frustule formation Zygote MITOSIS Hypotheca MITOSIS Cells’ division continues until cells become too small to divide Gamete from another DIPLOID (2n) MITOSIS HAPLOID (n) Gametes formed FERTILIZATION Gametes released Sexual reproduction MEIOSIS 4-9 Diatom Life Cycle The majority of diatom reproduction is by division of the diploid cells.

They were photographed at Shark Bay, Western Australia, and are in the 1 m height range. 22 A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology SECTION 2 Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists m 2-23 Azotobacter Gram Stain 2-24 Nitrosomonas Nitrosomonas is a genus of Gramnegative nitrifying bacteria found in seawater, brackish water, and freshwater, as well as soils. 4 µm long. They are aerobic chemoautotrophs that obtain energy by converting ammonia to nitrite. This specimen was obtained from soil grown on a medium containing ammonia as the only nitrogen source and carbon dioxide as the only carbon source.

The different amounts of oxygen and sulfur compounds leads to layering of microbial communities adapted to that specific environment. This illustration is a generalized picture of the layering that you might see in a mature column. ) Starting at the top and working downward the layers are: air, water (containing algae and cyanobacteria), aerobic mud (sulfur-oxidizing bacteria), microaerophilic mud (non-sulfur, photosynthetic bacteria), red/purple zone (­ purple photosynthetic bacteria), green zone (green photosynthetic bacteria), and black anaerobic zone (sulfur-reducing bacteria).

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