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Insults. Now finally, that monitor lizard came to tbe ground. He stabbed it and stabbed it He stabbed it. Right there, the attraction that drove the girl and young man together is something unknown. He took her and married her. They lived [together happily]. And tltis kashimi is over. NPI, "Young Man Brings Monitor Lizard down from Tree," is a well-detailed. tightly woven narrative. It is composed of four episodes. UlC last of wl\ich is an expansible image. , singular or plural. o; on. (ess 10 an auditmce or act as a m~ker, a p:~use, in lhe now of words.

Well· proportioned form. ~ for this type of regularity in each performance. PlotS. formulaic elements. and structural models are repositories of potential form. They anchor a performance in time and memory by providing remembered characters and acts in symmetrical relationships. These stable clements interact with each other and with the details that a performer uses to give them a specific image in combinations of movemenLS in a narrath·e sequence. from lhc poitu of view of its protagonist(s).

The Tabwa oral uadition is by no means a closed system, though I resist facile interpretations that simply point out the real elements of any story. James Boon (1986) has formulated a helpful model for looldng at the relationship between cultural enactment and society as a whole. Boon uses Barthe's distinction between a "work" and a "text" (1977). and sets these forms side by side with what he labels "Machineries" and "culture". The structures and relationships of machineries. or self-regulated cultural subsystems (or enactment genres such as oral narrative traditions which I consider here) are by no means structurally congruent with culture, as they do not necessarily directly represent real situations.

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