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By Gunter Kramer, Hans Forstl

ISBN-10: 3830434448

ISBN-13: 9783830434443

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Die familiale Versorgung eines demenziell erkrankten Menschen ist eine Aufgabe mit hohem Anforderungspotenzial. Bislang wurden Forschungs- und Interventionsschwerpunkte hierzu auf die hauptverantwortlichen Familienmitglieder der älteren und mittleren iteration gelegt. H. Elisabeth Philipp-Metzen richtet das Augenmerk daher auf die dritte, die Enkelgeneration.

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Nevertheless, two years later he returned to Weimar and thereafter devoted his life and his art to both court and public. ”44 Perhaps the most successful institutional synthesis of princely authority and public culture was achieved in the state of Dessau-Anhalt during the reign of Prince Leopold III Friedrich Franz, who was born in 1740 and ruled from 1758 to 1817. An astute student of enlightened thought, a fervent Anglophile, and an admirer of Rousseau, the prince had spent six months being shown around Rome by Winckelmann in 1766.

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Such courtly art remained important throughout the old regime; indeed, some of its greatest achievements, such as Giambattista Tiepolo’s frescoes in the episcopal palace at Würzburg and François Cuvilliés’s hunting lodge at Nymphenburg, are from the middle decades of the eighteenth century. In many places, traditional patronage remained much the same throughout the century. At the court of Zweibrücken, for instance, where Johann Christian Mannlich was court painter, artists worked exclusively for princely patrons, upon whose continued favor their livelihoods depended.

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Alzheimer und andere Demenzformen: Antworten auf die haufigsten Fragen, 5. Auflage by Gunter Kramer, Hans Forstl

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