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Recovered arsenic is oxidised to the pentavalent state, then determined absorptiometrically, following reduction of arsenomolybdate to molybdenum-blue. m. of arsenic in copper, bronze or cupro-nickel. 1. Distillation/ Volumetric 1. 2. 3. 4. 1. Apparatus. The distillation apparatus (see Fig. 1) comprises: Resistance-glass Erlenmeyer flask (500 ml) with a B24 socket Still head with BIO and B24 cones Thermometer (110°C) with a BIO cone Receiver-beaker or flask (500 ml). FIG. 1. Schematic outline of apparatus for determining arsenic.

The procedure is applicable to most copper-base alloys; interference from beryllium is eliminated if an excess of ammonium benzoate is present. 3 is a direct volumetric method for the determination of aluminium in many alloys ; it is based on a method first proposed [ 4 ]7 [ 4 8] by S a j o , and later described by Freegarde and A l l e n . A slight excess of EDTA is added to a solution of the sample, followed by the addition of a standard copper solution to combine with the excess of E D T A .

Transfer the solution to a mercury-cathode cell, and electrolyse at 5 amp for about 1 hour, or until the electrolyte is colourless (Note 2). Rinse the cover-glass and inside of the beaker with water, and continue the electrolysis for a further 15 minutes. Remove the electrodes from the solution (wash the electrodes with water at the same time), and filter the solution, without delay, through a fluted N o . 541 Whatman paper (9 cm); wash the mercury and paper with warm water. T o the filtrate, add 10 g of ammonium chloride and a small amount of filter-paper pulp, then make the solution just ammoniacal to methyl-red.

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