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Archetypal symbols in old myths in addition to the folktales, nursery tales, and fairytales of the center a while are the blueprints of recent myth literature. This booklet explores the trendy dreamscape of present-day fable, utilizing the traditional myths and conventional fairytales as courses and shining the sunshine of mental perception onto each symbolic determine and subject encountered. Chapters are devoted to all the major archetypes: heroes and princesses, fairy godmothers and evil witches, wizards and darkish lords, magic, and magical beasts are all explored. The analyses and interpretations are knowledgeable by means of vintage psychoanalytic experiences; the works of delusion literature tested during this booklet contain the most well-liked and influential within the style.

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Peter Pan (as his last name portends) is a perfect example of how childhood and pantheism elicit similar associations in the reader. e. the tooth-fairy and Santa Claus) is tolerated and even encouraged. It is an age of magic and wonder, all too briefly experienced before Church and Science as well as Logic and Reason proscribe the belief in all non-religious and premonotheistic supernatural figures. This sentiment, and the resulting yearning to return to that magical age, is expressed quite poetically in the song, Never Never Land, written for the stage musical version of Peter Pan (1954).

Jean Piaget, the father of Cognitive Developmental psychology, asserted that the thinking of young children is neither logical nor scientific, making it “magical”— meaning that the causal link between observable events are not made according to reason. Hence, in the small child’s mind, coincidental events are linked in meaningful ways, and the child may even believe that his own thoughts can cause physical changes in the world. Gradually, magical thinking is replaced by operational thinking, which is categorical, logical, and based on experience and observation.

36 Bettelehim quotes Mircea Eliade, who described fairytales as “models for human behavior ... ”37 Rituals bond the individual on physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological levels to the collective myth of his respective group, thus connecting the individual being to the whole. In the absence of truly meaningful rituals, in a modern age bereft of culturally significant mythology,38 contemporary fantasy emerges as a replacement myth, providing young people with culturally relevant heroes with whom they could identify, whose journeys provide vicarious catharsis and initiation into the realm of adulthood.

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