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To find the resultant of two intersecting may be employed. Let P and Q be two pulls applied to a nail at O (Fig. 19 (a)); their joint tendency will be to carry the nail upwards to the right, and the resultant must produce exactly the same tendency. Set off, in the direction in which P acts, OA, to some suitable scale, equal to P, forces, the following construction (a) FIG. 19. Resultant and equilibrant of two intersecting forces. same scale, equal to Q and in the direction in which Complete the parallelogram OACB, and draw its diagonal OC.

Find the magnitude of Q. Answer Question 3, supposing P and Q 3. at II. 90. 4. intersect at 45. A bent lever (Fig. 43) has its arms at = 1 5 inches, BC = 6 pivoted at C. AC A force P of 35 Ib. is applied at A inches. at 1 5 to the horizontal, and another Q is applied Find the magnitude at B at 20 to the vertical. of Q and the magnitude and direction of the reaction at C required to balance P and Q. 5. 90 and ^p is A body weighing 24 Ib. is kept at rest incline which makes 40 with the horizontal by a force P which is parallel to the plane (Fig.

Three as follows : A A calculation, the mutual pressure between C and A, also what minimum EXERCISES ON CHAPTER II. 39 must be applied to A and B, passing through their order to preserve equilibrium. Frictional effects are to be disregarded. horizontal forces axes, in 19. Three similar spheres rest on a horizontal table and are in contact with each other. fourth sphere, similar to the others, rests on the top of the three spheres. Each sphere weighs 10 Ib. Find the pressure communicated by the top sphere to each of the other three A spheres.

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