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The purpose of this paintings of reference is to supply an entire year-by-year record of officers from archaic and classical Athens, in addition to, the place applicable, a quick discover in their actions, together with all of the proof concerning an individual's place of work in a selected 12 months. It additionally includes all kingdom decrees datable to any 12 months or which comprise proper info. It bargains a simple reference, of a sort that has formerly been missing, for the examine of Athenian magistracies and professional lifestyles. The creation offers crucial information of the positions integrated, and the indexes provide an alphabetic directory of people with their places of work, a list by means of geographical provenance (demes), and a sign of files of disputed date. so far as attainable using Greek and Latin has been shunned so that the publication will be obtainable to a large readership. it may end up a primary device for destiny learn.

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Possibly with the reform tribal representation in random order was introduced, but certainly from 356/5, forward tribal order was used. In charge of laws The grammateus cm TOVS PO^OVS was also chosen by lot (Ath. Pol. 4). He appears in our period only in 324/3. In charge of decrees The grammateus £m rd ifj-q^ia^aTa is not mentioned in Ath. , but appears first in 343/2. Election was presumably by lot. 21 Introduction Grammateus of boule and demos Ath. Pol. 5 says this official was directly elected by the demos.

Her. 94f. mentions the struggle between Athens and Mitylene in the context of Peisistratos and, like other sources, includes mention of Alkaios and the arbitration by Periandros - but not Phrynon and Pittakos. Page proposes a solution: Alkaios mentioned Phrynon in his work, thus providing the basis for genuine tradition; Herodotos does not restrict himself to the time of Peisistratos, but freely goes back to an earlier stage of what he says was a protracted struggle. Wade-Gery notes Phrynon as founder of colonies at Sigeion and Elaious, accepting the emendation which produces Phrynon's name at Ps.

Tells us that the motion granting him a bodyguard was proposed by ARISTION (PA 1728 - Ariston in the MSS of Plut. Solon 30). PEISISTRATOS 560/59 (Ol. 1) Archon HEGESTRATOS = / M 6309 (cf. p. 408) Phanias F 21 Wehrli apud Plut. 3 places Solon's death in this archonship, which succeeded that of Komeas: Cadoux, JHS 1948, io6ff. 558/7 (Ol. 55-3) Hieropoioi? [DEX3ITHEOS Or [MNES]ITHEOS [ME]LES[IAS] T Grammateus [KALL]IAS So DAA 327, pp. , preferring 562/1 or 558/7 for the date, but allowing 554/3 to be possible; CEG 435 opts for 562/1, the date also indicated with a query at IG i3 508.

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