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By Benjamin Radford

ISBN-10: 0826356664

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Undesirable clowns—those malicious misfits of the halfway who terrorize, hang-out, and threaten us—have lengthy been a cultural icon. This ebook describes the background of undesirable clowns, why clowns pass undesirable, and why many of us worry them. Going past regular clowns comparable to the Joker, Krusty, John Wayne Gacy, and Stephen King’s Pennywise, it additionally gains weird and wonderful, lesser-known tales of strange clown antics together with Bozo obscenity, Ronald McDonald haters, killer clowns, phantom-clown abductors, evil-clown panics, intercourse clowns, carnival clowns, troll clowns, and masses extra. undesirable Clowns blends humor, research, and scholarship to bare what's at the back of the clown’s darkish smile.

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The bad clown is a compelling character and has inspired many people (of varying degrees of ability and creativity) in many media. From comic books to cartoons, video games to films, bad clowns have made an indelible mark on popular culture. There seems to be no pathology too sick, no act too depraved, that a bad clown won’t gleefully take on to please his (or, less often, her) adoring fans. 20 The Unnatural Nature of the Evil Clown 21 Clowns may be scary to many people, but they are not inherently threatening the way a coiled rattlesnake or knife-wielding mugger is.

The exaggeration almost always extends toward the greater extremes for the simple reason that they mostly perform in front of crowds, who need to see and hear their props. A tiny pair of eyeglasses or a miniscule ear trumpet may, in theory, be just as funny as gigantic ones, but these will be lost on anyone more than a few feet away. For this reason clowns rarely deal in subtlety and nuance; instead they are creatures of the large and the loud, often armed with denuded dead latex fowl. Some clowns paint eyes on their eyelids, giving the unnerving illusion that their eyes are always open, always watching.

And then decided not to give him the photos! I tell ya, gang, I just can’t figure it. I mean, here we go offerin’ free publicity to a third-rate show on a third-rate network, and they turn us down? . Maybe their moms all dropped ’em when they were babies and 44 chapter 5 gave ’em brain damage or somethin’. I know that not everybody who works for that network has the brain of a fish and the disposition of a brick. It just seems that way. Sorry I can’t tell ya which network I’m steamed at, but I’m a nice guy.

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