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By Ramasamy Santhanam

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The first entire quantity completely on marine cone snails, this ebook presents descriptions of over a hundred species of dangerous marine snails in addition to their organic and ecological features; the features of conotoxins; info on cone snail accidents and their remedy in addition to prevention measures; and the healing and medicinal worth of conotoxins, together with as a strong nonaddictive painkiller, an epilepsy drug, and extra. Over 275 colour illustrations accompany the textual content for simple identity.

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The color of the shell is pale yellowish brown, with a central white band and scattered white maculations, obscurely encircled by lines of light chestnut spots. It is a worm hunting species and feeds mainly on polychaetes. Maximum-recorded shell length is 51 mm. Like all species within the genus Conus, these snails are predatory and venomous. They are capable of “stinging” humans and therefore live ones should not be handled.

Adults prey on fish and are active at night, whereas juveniles are vermivorous. Size of an adult shell varies between 16 mm and 94 mm. These snails are predatory and venomous. uk/interpro/signature/PS60014/ proteins-matched;jsessionid=72887C4196F6CFF05EE34D33FCB8F5C0); ω-conotoxin FVIA – It is a highly reversible conotoxin targeting N-type Ca2+ channels with analgesic effect. Though CTx-MVIIA (Ziconotide) of this species has been reported to depress arterial blood pressure immediately after administration, this pressure recovers faster and to a greater degree after CTx-FVIA administration.

Adults of this species are typically between 60–140 mm in length. Like all species within the genus Conus, these snails are predatory and venomous. They are capable of “stinging” humans and therefore live ones should be handled carefully or not at all. 1. Conasprella centurio (Born, 1778) (= Conus century, Kohniconus centurio) Apertural view Abapertural view Common Name: Centurion cone Geographical Distribution: Throughout the Caribbean from the Bahamas to southern Brazil 44 Biology and Ecology of Venomous Marine Snails Habitat: Gravel and sand, and also in coral rubble and on coral reefs from shallow water to 100 m.

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