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"Before the cutting edge paintings of Zora Neale Hurston, folklorists from the Hampton Institute accrued, studied, and wrote approximately African American folklore. Like Hurston, those folklorists labored inside of but additionally past the limits of white mainstream associations. they generally referred to as into query the which means of the very folklore tasks during which they have been engaged. Shirley Moddy-Turner analyzes this output, in addition to the  Read more...

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In linking folk to nonAnglo-American “races,” and in identifying African Americans and Native Americans as folk—but himself as non-folk—Newell renders folklore within a racialized evolutionary power structure in which he and his cohort occupy the position of universal evolved/civilized authority, while the racialized others maintain lower positions on the evolutionary scale until they are able to shed their racially distinct (read: non-white) folklore and become “universal” (read: white). Finally, despite his admonitions against “romantic nationalism” and his promotion of a rigid scientism, Newell’s orientation toward folklore nevertheless was influenced by the anti-modern romanticism of the period.

At the same time, there was a growing consensus that legislation could do little to change the folkways, habits, social practices, and/or folk customs that inherently separated the races. In establishing a precedent for the Plessy decision, Justice Henry Billings Brown turned to Roberts v. ”67 As Rayford Logan has documented, this sentiment was echoed in the Northern press.

Promoters and reviewers emphasized that these were not shows involving entertainers or performers, but displays of natural, uninhibited black life. ”49 Black performers were able to modify these stereotypes by adding detail, nuance, and more significantly, by creating in-group meanings among themselves and their black audiences. The stereotypes and caricatures forged by the white minstrels were too deeply ingrained and culturally useful, however, for the white audiences to discard. Therefore the black minstrels found that, far from creating satirical critiques, their performances reinforced the racial stereotypes, adding physical evidence that verified the white audience’s expectations.

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