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There is some mawkish sentimentality about "breaking the spirit," but what is desired 'here is an obedient horse, and sufficient brutality brings about an obedient horse. - 38 ---- The stimulus-response mechanisms of the body are such that the pain and the command subdivide so as to counter each other . The mental image picture of the punishment will not become effective upon the individual unless the command content is disobeyed. It is pointed out in many Russian writings that this is a survival mechanism .

This, with some good fortune, could bring the person into the hands of the psychopolitical operative so as to forevermore disable him, or to swerve this loyalties by pain-drug hypnotism . On the subject of obedience itself, the most optimum obedience is unthinking obedience . The command given must be obeyed without any rationalizing on the part of the subject . The command must, therefore, be implanted below the thinking processes of the subject to be influenced, and must react upon him in such a way as to bring no mental altertness on his part .

This has long 'been demonstrated by such Russians as Pavlov, and the principles have long been used in handling the recalcitrant, in training children, and in bringing about the state of optimum behaviour on the part of a population . Having no independent will of his own, Man is easily handled by stimulus-response mechanisms . It is only necessary to install a stimulus into the mental anatomy of Man to have that stimulus reactive and respond any time an exterior command source call it into being .

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