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By Dorothy Baker

ISBN-10: 0933900163

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Baker e.D. (ed.) Brainwashing (Foundation of Human figuring out, 1991)(ISBN 0933900163)

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Baker e. D. (ed. ) Brainwashing (Foundation of Human figuring out, 1991)(ISBN 0933900163)

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Defamation and the accusation of insanity alone should be employed, and they should be brought at last under the ministrations of psychopolitical operatives, such as psychiatrists and controlled psychologists. 65 Chapter 16 In Summary I n this time of unlimited weapons, and in national antagonisms where atomic war with capitalistic powers is possible, Psychopolitics must act efficiently as never before. Any and all programs of Psychopolitics must be increased to aid and abet the activities of other Communist agents throughout the nation in question.

Various types of insanity should be characterized by difficult terms. The actual state should be made obscure, but this verbiage can insinuate into the court or investigating mind that a scientific approach exists and that it is too complex for him to understand. It is not to be imagined that a judge or a committee of investigation should inquire too deeply into the subject of insanity, since they, themselves, part of the indoctrinated masses, are already intimidated if the psychopolitical activity has managed to become well-documented in magazine horror stories.

Although vast sums of money can be obtained from private patients, and from relatives who wish persons put away, it is, nevertheless, difficult to obtain millions, unless the government itself is cooperating. The cooperation of the government needed to obtain these vast sums of money is best obtained by the organization of mental health groups composed of leading citizens who bring their lobbying abilities to bear against the nation’s government. Thus can many programs be financed that might otherwise have had to be set aside by the psychopolitician.

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