Get OP Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers Rev PDF

By Bruce Baugh, John Snead

ISBN-10: 1588464008

ISBN-13: 9781588464002

As spirit-talkers and shamans all over the world, the Dreamspeakers have the keenest perception into the character of the Umbra - and with their ties to the primordial pulse, they comprehend why they're greater than mundane flesh. even if marginalized or thrust into different types of comfort, the Dreamspeakers realize the pains of the fashionable age as easily yet one more try out within the ongoing fight to heal the cut up among materia and ephemera. Now they need to discover a capacity to just accept each other, varied even though they're, which will upward thrust above the anguish and sacrifice in their humans.

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New PDF release: Constellation Games

By Leonard Richardson

ISBN-10: 1936460238

ISBN-13: 9781936460236

First touch isn't all enjoyable and video games. Ariel Blum is pushing thirty and doesn't have a lot to teach for it. His machine programming abilities are generating not anything yet pony-themed games for little women. His love existence is a slow-motion teach damage, and every time he attempts to make whatever of his existence, he unearths himself again at the sofa, replaying the video games of his formative years. Then the extraterrestrial beings appear. Out of the sky comes the Constellation: a swarm of anarchist anthropologists, exploring our seas, cataloguing our crops, enhancing our wikis, and consuming our Twinkies. nobody is familiar with easy methods to respond--except for nerds like Ariel who've been studying, role-playing and wargaming first-contact situations their whole lives. Ariel sees the aliens' desktops, and he understands that at any place there are pcs, there are games. Ariel simply desires to commence a enterprise translating alien video games to allow them to be performed on human desktops. yet an easy cultural alternate turns up old secrets and techniques, executive conspiracies, and unconventional anthropology innovations that threaten humanity as we all know it. If Ariel wishes his species to have a destiny, he's going to need to take the step that not anything on the earth can make him take. He'll need to develop up.

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New PDF release: Mystic China

By Erick Wujcik

Mystic China КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Mystic Chinaиздательство : Palladium books incТип: pdf (OCR)Формат: rarРазмер: eleven MbКол-во страниц: 210Книга для любителей ролевых игр и боевых тактик востокаскачать -http://10manhobby./5927309Зеркало на файл: (Mirror)скачать - http://.com/files/4400275 zero

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New PDF release: Races & Cultures (Rolemaster)

By Douglas Sun

ISBN-10: 1558066063

ISBN-13: 9781558066069

Created for RMFRP and Shadow international, the recent Races & Cultures delivers every little thing you want to layout precise, fascinating and various characters to your Rolemaster and Shadow global adventures. Races & Cultures is split into major sections on races and cultures so that you can mi and fit!

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Manacle and Coin (Exalted RPG) by John Snead, Geoff Grabowski, Malcolm Sheppard, Visit PDF

By John Snead, Geoff Grabowski, Malcolm Sheppard, Visit Amazon's Ian Eller Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Ian Eller,

ISBN-10: 1588466671

ISBN-13: 9781588466679

Service provider Princes of production Many hate and revile them, but none draw back their visits. they're individuals of the Guild, a mercantile association whose caravans and buying and selling ships move the face of construction. They care now not for the need of princes or Exalts, yet just for revenue. a few regardless of it, whereas others idolize it, yet truthfully, the Guild cares now not whether it is enjoyed or hated, as long as those that do company with it pay their debts in complete. Masters of Jade and trade Manacle and Coin information the Guild, the best of thet international of Exalted's advertisement corporations. inside of are the main points of the Guild's constitution and strategies - and of its abominable exchange in addictive medications and slaves. Manacle and Coin additionally comprises a proof of the financial structures of construction, for Storytellers and avid gamers wanting a better measure of realism of their Exalted video games.

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New PDF release: Dharma Book: Bone Flowers (Kindred of the East)

By Kraig Blackwelde

ISBN-10: 1565042409

ISBN-13: 9781565042407

They understand the secrets and techniques of the Underworld. The lands of the residing carry no mysteries for them, nor do the nation-states of the Yama Kings. they're the Bone plants, and so they comprehend every little thing approximately you, too. yet now you've gotten the opportunity to profit every little thing approximately them.

Dharma e-book: Bone Flowers is the second one Dharma ebook for Kindred of the East. It includes all the hidden wisdom of the music of the Shadow, from rituals and rites to mystery agendas in regards to the different dharmas. upon getting glanced inside of, you will by no means take heed to the track of the Shadow an identical approach back.

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Download e-book for iPad: Creatures & Monsters (Rolemaster) by John Curtis, Coleman Charlton

By John Curtis, Coleman Charlton

ISBN-10: 1558065520

ISBN-13: 9781558065529

A bestiary of epic proportions!Encounter dragons, sprites, gorgons, sabertooth tigers, and foes of all stripes, spots, and scales. Even the leviathan isn't really too great for this complete bestiary!Inside you will find countless numbers of animals, monsters, and races. Many are culled from fantasy, others are staples of fable fiction and video games, and plenty of extra are thoroughly unique -- in contrast to whatever you've ever visible in a job enjoying online game before!Creatures & Monsters presents: -- Over two hundred pages of animals, monsters, and races that fly, swim, and terrorize the land -- with precise details on visual appeal, way of life, strive against information, and background.-- Animals and monsters of various inclinations, from those who characters may perhaps defend and befriend to those who threaten the life of whole towns.-- Dragons, fell beasts, elementals, constructs, planar creatures, shapechangers, undead, prehistoric animals, risky vegetation, giants, trolls, fairy people, and more.-- directions for the way to create your personal Rolemaster creatures-- vast random come across tables relating to water assets, terrain, plants, distinctive positive factors, and power-- an entire index.

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Paizo Staff's Pathfinder Companion: Gnomes of Golarion PDF

By Paizo Staff

ISBN-10: 1601252234

ISBN-13: 9781601252234

Be aware of Your Gnomes!

Exiled from the mysterious fey realm of the 1st international, gnomes are essentially alien to Golarion. eternally excitable, gnomes amuse and terrify different races with their unusual obsessions and unconventional tools. Their childlike wonder—and occasionally blameless cruelty—are aspects of a similar coin, and each coin the gnomes have is spent in pursuit of event, whether or not they love it or no longer. For the gnomes have a dismal mystery: should still they ever cease searching out new stories, they fall prey to the Bleaching, a losing sickness that slowly sucks away their carry at the international, leaving them not anything yet bones and dust.

• inside of this Pathfinder significant other, you’ll locate the following:
• information at the gnomes of Golarion—how they dwell, who they worship, their family members with different races, their unusual obsessions, and more.
• background and folklore of the gnome race.
• Map and outlines of the most important gnome settlements.
• New characteristics designed solely for gnome characters.
• principles for the Wonderseekers, a brand new faction devoted to keeping off the Bleaching.
• records for the Bleaching, in addition to for these unknown creatures often called bleachlings.
• weird and wonderful new gnome guns, spells, and feats.

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