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By The Comparative Method

Professor Ragin proposes an artificial new approach, in keeping with an program of Boolean algebra, that might mix the strengths of either qualitative and quantitative sociology. Elegantly obtainable and germane to the paintings of all of the social sciences, this publication will garner curiosity, debate, and compliment from many quarters.

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Drawing on these theories, a number of researchers have documented a weak but consistently negative cross-national relationship between economic dependence (such as degree of specialization in the export of primary commodities) and economic growth (rate of increase in GNP per capita). Thus, interest in a global argument about international inequality has inspired general tests of the relationship, and a simple cross-national pattern has been confirmed, though not overwhelmingly. ) Other perspectives argue, however, that dependency and GNP per capita growth are not necessarily incompatible and that several countries have experienced "associated-dependent development" (Cardoso 1973).

An exhaustive examination of different combinations of seven preconditions, for example, would require a statistical analysis of the effects of more than one hundred different interaction terms. 16 COMPARATIVE SOCIAL SCIENCE Second, applications of the comparative method produce explanations that account for every instance of a certain phenomenon. True, these explanations may contain interpretive accounts of the particularity of one or more deviating cases, but at least the comparative method automatically highlights these irregularities and requires the investigator to propose explanations of them.

To define it in terms of gross national product per capita makes Western Europe, the United States, and a few oil-rich countries appear to be the most developed. Defining it in terms of satisfaction of basic human needs, however, shuffles the development hierarchy and Eastern European countries occupy more of the prominent positions. Alternatively, development can be defined politically and qualitatively in terms of the emergence of a national political culture supported by a stable central government which, in turn, is acknowledged as legitimate by its subjects.

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