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Влади#769;мир Ге#769;рманович Богора#769;з (псевдонимы Н. А. Тан, В. Г. Тан; известен также как Тан-Богора#769;з, 15 (27) апреля 1865— 10 мая 1936) — писатель, выдающийся этнограф и лингвист (специалист по чукчам и другим палеоазиатским народам).Около трёх лет (1895—1897) кочевал среди чукчей. В 1899 году уехал в США, гдe работал куратором этнографической коллекции Американского музея естественной истории и подготовил к печати получившие всемирное признание монографии по этнографии и мифологии чукчей.Крупный этнограф, член-корреспондент Академии наук, профессор Института народов Севера, вёл обширную исследовательскую и педагогическую работу. В последние годы был директором Музея религии и атеизма (располагавшегося в здании Казанского собора в Ленинграде)

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And this time ELa' gaa'loma gi'wa, Mother heard said, BOGORAS, CHUKCHEE TEXTS. " Thus she deceives her mother. Then every time when she awakes in the morning, she puts the skull in the bottom of the bag, lest they should find it. ' She was looking for something, and therefore searched in the bag-pillow of her daughter. Suddenly she caught that skull by the mouth and took it out. She was startled. "Oh, oh, oh, horror! horror! What has become of our daughter? How very strange! Our [quite] unmarried daughter has become a ke'lE, she has become an abomination, an object of fear.

Then there the caravan made noise, still ara'la igno'pilin. " Lu'ur vai quite with head bent down. " Only that BOGORAS, CHUKCHEE TEXTS. " Oh, she looked up. A large caravan was coming. The herd was quite big. The man, her husband, was standing in front of her, clad in a shirt made of thin furs, in the best of skins. They built a camp, and put up the tent. He was quite rich in reindeer. Then, in trtuth, she began to feel quite well. In the beginning of the cold, early in the fall, (the parents of the woman) saw smoke rising.

When the meal was finished, she gave them the marrow (with the bone splinters). " They ate the marrow, but the thigh- qla'ul qulile'tyi' riai-nau'ki. from the front side. " (Go, lile'pgi8. "Well, there, what-art-thou (doing) big, Big, reached. " And up. ge'pkiLin. Qolo', qolo', fia'lvilivchin! the camp there " E'nmen um uwa"'quc herd the! This time husband qla'ul a'mEn um nAtvet6a'qen wulh-e'raqaia a'mEn um vai li'i-tefi-evi'ralin. (man) indeed is standing with a thin-fur shirt small indeed E'nmen tara'ingagt, yara'chin netei'kia8n.

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