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For the second set of experiments, runs were terminated at the end of year 700 (the initial year being 100), or when the population exceeded 800 in­ dividuals, or when the population decreased to some fraction (usually one-fourth) of its initial size. Calculations and summary information were provided on a ten-year basis. Abbreviations and Codes To simplify presentation of the results and dis­ cussion, the following notation will be used: For the first set of experiments, S-01(100)A stands for the initial agestructured population of size 100 (50 males and 50 females) approximating the stable population of the model South mortality level 1 life table with an implied annual rate of growth of five per thousand; S-01(200)A is defined as above, but with an initial population size of 200 individuals; S-24(100)A and S-24(200)A refer to the 24 SIMULATION OF HUMAN POPULATIONS initial age-structured populations for the model South mortality level 24 life table; and S-01-P and S-24-P refer to the fertility and mortality schedules for the two different levels of mortality.

W. and W. J. Schull 1970. Frequencies of consanguineous marriage and accumulation of inbreeding in an artificial population, American Journal of Human Genetics 22: 160-175. McFarland, D. D. 1970. Effects of group size on the availability of marriage partners, Demography 7: 411-415. Morgan, K. 1968. D. dissertation, Univ. of Michigan. Morgan K. 1969. Monte Carlo simulation of artificial populations: the survival of small, closed popu­ lations, Paper presented at the Conference on the Mathematics of Population, Berkeley and Asi1ornar, California.

366 395 339 331 540 326 I e ar 3b b 1° la 2b 5b 5b Total Size Termination . 5021 0 0 0 0 11 12 ia 7a ib Total Size -, ^ ■ τ . „.. -, η Initial Population Set B; S-01-A/S-01-P ; P(o*/LB) n Run Code No. SUMMARY DATA ON NON-SURVIVING, CLOSED POPULATIONS (All i n i t i a l p o p u l a t i o n s have equal numbers of males and females) (See t e x t for e x p l a n a t i o n of code symbols) Slumber of chances for eligible male to search female pool for mate of chosen age raised to 6 from 5 for each year.

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