Copular Sentences in Russian: A Theory of Intra-Clausal - download pdf or read online

By Asya Pereltsvaig

ISBN-10: 140205792X

ISBN-13: 9781402057922

This ebook presents a close research and a unique Minimalist account of copular sentences in Russian, targeting case marking alternations (nominative vs. instrumental) and drawing a contrast among kinds of copular sentences.

On the idea that Merge is outlined within the easiest method attainable, it truly is argued that now not all syntactic constructions are a(nti)symmetrical. one of many copular sentence varieties is analyzed as a poster baby for symmetrical buildings, whereas the opposite kind is taken care of as asymmetrical. The originality of this learn lies in treating the copula within the kinds of copular sentences neither as thoroughly exact nor as special lexical goods; in its place, the 2 different types of copula are derived during the strategy of semantic bleaching. moreover, it really is argued that the 2 varieties of the copula have to mix with post-copular words of other different types. it truly is concluded that Russian attracts a contrast among saturated DPs and unsaturated NPs, despite its popular loss of overt articles.

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In other words, these functional heads consist of [–Interpretable] features only and receive no support from either of the interfaces. But, according to Chomsky (1995: 349–355), such functional heads must be dispensed with. Indeed, for Chomsky (1995: 378) “the only functional categories are those with features that survive through the derivation and appear at the interfaces, where they are interpreted”. By this logic, fix-up functional categories the sole purpose of which is to host moved phrases are not allowed in the grammar.

Kones kokekunst] var Peter ikke. b. ” c. [AP Stolt av sin kones kokekunst] var Peter ikke. ” This is completely parallel to the Russian and Italian facts discussed above and receives the same explanation: the post-copular DP inverts into an A-position relevant for establishing the binding configuration, whereas the post-copular NP and AP invert into an A’-position and therefore are interpreted in their “reconstructed” positions, as far as anaphoric binding is concerned. Note that the data are NOUNS AND THEIR EXTENDED PROJECTIONS 35 also compatible with the analysis where the inverted phrase appears in Spec-CP regardless of its referentiality (Norwegian being a verb-second language), but in the case of a DP it must pass through Spec-TP on its way to Spec-CP, whereas an NP or an AP would not pass through Spec-TP.

52) Linear correspondence Axiom (LCA) d(A is a linear ordering of T where A contains all pairs of nonterminals such that the first asymmetrically c-commands the second; d(X) is the set of terminals that X dominates; T is the set of terminals. PHRASE STRUCTURAL RELATIONS AND MERGE 41 The LCA eliminates the distinction between a specifier and an adjunct and rules out the following three symmetric configurations, which, following Moro (2000), I will call “points of symmetry”: (53) a. XP YP b. ZP ZP X° c.

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