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I cannot sleep. " "You lie," said the Queen Leona; "it is your own nose you smell. " From this they began to quarrel louder and louder. At daybreak they were still shouting at each other, and then the Leona in real anger raised her clawed hand to strike her husband. Immediately the León became more pleasant of manner, at the same time putting his arms up about his face to defend himself. "Patience, please, my dear wife," he said. " The Leona agreed, and King León sent word out over the land by his crows, who flew in all directions telling the creatures to come to the meeting at once, as a decision very important was to be made that same day.

Half the night passed and he became sleepy. So he braced his eyes apart with two little sticks. "Now I can stay awake," he said. But before long he was fast asleep, 12Lives of Game Animals, Vol. I, Part II, p. 355. 13Ibid. 14 Coyotes in Their Economic Relations, p. 7. Page 41 although his eyes were wide open. The sun was high when his wife called him. Only half awake and thinking it was just dawn, he ran fast to the lodge of the Spirit Chief. Seeing none of the Animal People there and smiling broadly at his cunning in being first, he asked for the name Grizzly Bear.

Before long, from every direction they began coming in on the trails until by mid-day the Bear, the Burro, the Horse, the Goat, the Armadillo, the Buzzard, the Paisano, the Rattlesnake, the Fox, the Javelina, the Coyoteall had arrived. Oh, many, many, they came from afar and close bythese creatures of claw, of hoof, and of wing until Page 28 all the creatures of the land from small to large stood assembled in front of the royal cave. "Bueno," said Queen Leona in a loud voice, as her fierce eyes swept from one to the other of the gathering, "we are about to decide an important question.

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