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Искусство создавать удивительные по красоте предметы из полимерной глины – нового синтетического материала, обладающего замечательными пластическими свойствами. Полимерные глины различных фирм, которые рассматриваются в красочно проиллюстрированной книге. Применяются не только в дизайне, но и в любительском творчестве.

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This enjoyable consultant teaches you the way to emulate the fashion-forward seems to be to most sensible designers, comparable to the grand dame of purses Judith Leiber, with out breaking the financial institution on bling. particular directions and greater than one hundred fifty colour images exhibit how you can create glitzy goods from baggage got at storage revenues and flea markets, utilizing real Swarovski crystals or economical acrylic or metal rhinestones and a fit supporting of creativity.

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Following the profitable structure of absolutely the novices advisor sequence, this fifth ebook within the sequence is the right selection for rookies who are looking to extend their jewelry-making talents. jewellery makers will love experimenting with the 24 effortless initiatives within the Absolute newcomers consultant: operating with Polymer Clay.

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Rnd 33: (dec) Sl1, kl, psso, k6, k2tog, sl1, kl, psso, k6, k2tog. 16sts Rnd 34: K16. Rep last rnd twice more. Shape front Rnd 37: (inc) K4, m1, k4, k8. 17sts Rnds 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50: K. Rnd 39: (inc) K4, kf&b, k4, k8. 18sts Rnd 41: (inc) K5, m1, k5, k4, m1, k4. 20sts Rnd 43: (inc) K5, kf&b, k5, k4, kf&b, k4. 22sts Rnd 45: (inc) K6, m1, k6, k5, m1, k5. 24sts Rnd 47: (inc) K6, kf&b, k6, k5, kf&b, k5. 26sts Rnd 49: (inc) K7, m1, k7, k6, m1, k6. 28sts Rnd 51: (inc) K7, kf&b, k7, k6, kf&b, k6.

3. Cut the triangles out, discarding those marked first and last on the paper sheet. Take a paper triangle and starting at the wide end, roll it snugly round a cocktail stick. Glue the last 10cm (4in) to keep the paper from unfurling, then place the cocktail stick in a foam block. Make nine more beads in the same way. 4. Apply a coat of sealing varnish to the beads and leave to dry; then apply another coat of varnish to ensure strong shiny beads. When dry, twist the beads off the cocktail sticks.

These are your ‘core’ cords. 2. Tie the longer length of cord around the two core cords using an overhand knot and taking care to make sure that the tails are the same length. Pass the left tail under the core cords and pull through leaving a largish loop on the left side of the core cords. Pass that tail over the tail on the right side. 3. Lift the right tail over the core cords and down through the loop on the left side. Work several more knots to make a 1cm (3⁄8in) block of macramé. 4. Thread a silver bead onto the core threads.

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