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In settling these controversies, many felt, including Sayed Mari, then the chairman of the People's CONTROVERSIES OVER THE DAM 27 General Assembly, that there was a need for scientific study of the actual and potential dangers of the dam. It was also felt that further time was needed to allow the Aswan project to meet expectations. As has already been mentioned, research on which to base action was also sought; it materialized in a joint venture between the National Academy of Scientific Research in Egypt and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

This figure was, however, revised in 1970 and again in 1976. Fathi's latest estimate is that 83 percent of the final degradation will be completed by 1985, and degradation will not then exceed 4 meters, although rates vary from one reach to another (Abul-Atta, 1979). A 1977 study by engineer Yusuif Hammad suggested that the sediment suspended by the river from its bed and banks would be sorted naturally according to particle size. The result over time would therefore be a gradual increase in the roughness of the remaining sediments on the river bed.

6. , 1979). 7. , 1979). 2 (fa Controversies Over the Dam Twenty-eight years have now passed since 1952, when Egypt's Revolu­ tionary Council adopted the concept of an engineering work at Aswan to regulate the flow of water and restore it for the development needs of a country then beset with persistent economic hardships. The purpose of building the Aswan High Dam was to form a reservoir so large that excess water from the Nile's greater flood years could be held in storage for several years in the future and released under control when required.

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