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Indeed, the possibility of receiving 38 Lifelong Education an education through experience of life (education "in the school of life") or, conversely, of having spent many years at school but still being poorly educated in the life sense (the "educated idiot"), is widely recognized in the vernacular expression of the everyday world. , Duke, 1976). Education is a more general process, and does not result solely from contact with schools. Schooling is thus merely a special instance of education. This point is crucial for understanding the principles of lifelong education.

It involves agents who are specifically assigned the task of controlling learning (teachers), learners who are at least partly aware of the fact that they are engaged in the process of learning (the students), and a deliberate set of goals or ideals whose realization, it is thought, will be facilitated by the particular patterns of management of the learning process selected. Among other things, this presupposes the existence of people who know how to influ-' ence learning, what should be learned, and when it should be learned.

However, in recent years two notions have received considerable stress: "horizontal integration" and "vertical integration". The arguments are differently expressed by different writers, but a common set of ideas can be discerned. The key notion of horizontal integration is that education in the sense of school learning should be coordinated with other components of society in which learning occurs. Examples of such other components would be the home, clubs and societies, places of work, interactions with peer groups, and so on.

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