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1 ·-~. \_ •••••,. - ·-- \~ j~ 13 Xinjiang Iran Afghanistan Figure 2: Central Asia (Political Map) 1 2 3 4 5 Gagauz Karachay -Balkars Turks Azerbaij anians Turkmens Uzbeks Kirghiz Uighurs Chuvash 10 Tatars 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 Bashkirs Kazakhs Karakalp aks Altaians Tuvinian s Yakuts Figure 3: The Turkic Peoples Chapter Two Turkic Epic Poetry: The Earliest Documents Oguz Qagan 5 10 15 20 Kena kiinliirdan bir kiin Ay-qagannu11 kozii yarip bodadl, erkak ogul togurdl. lari, qaAlari qara erdiliir erdi.

16 0n the history of the Kazakhs, especially their recent history, see Olcott 1987. 22 The Turkic Peoples Like the Kazakhs, the Karakalpaks (Turkic qara qalpaq means "black hat") belonged to the Golden Horde. rnye klobuki, "black hats," first mentioned in Russian chronicles of the 12th century. These belonged to the group of Oghuz-Pecheneg Turks, but they were apparently later "Kipchakisized" by being incorporated into the Golden Horde. 17 From the 15th century onwards they migrated to the east; their presence in Central Asia is first attested for the 17th century.

There the Adiz army was destroyed. The story continues in this manner; five times Kiil Tigin is victorious, each time mounting his horse and mowing down his enemies. The language of these stone inscriptions is quite clearly repetitive, parallelistic, and formulaic. r]iU-, tiig-, sant-, q'ili:tla-, iigir-, toq'i-), a decidedly "epic" ring, foreshadowing the language of later epic and panegyric poetry. decipherment so problematic that such an interpretation must remain speculative. See Gabain 1953: 550·553.

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